Working out the implications of being a follower of Jesus is a lifelong task – best accomplished in a community, where we not only acquire knowledge, but also practice ministry and grow spiritually.

Learning about discipleship is an important part of our ministry at All Saints and we offer a number of ways to do that:

Sunday Sermons

Coming Soon–audio recordings of Fr. Joe’s Sunday sermons.

Written Sermons — provided occasionally by Fr. Joe, our other Reflectionists, and guest Preachers.

Adult Reflection Group 
We gather most Wednesdays (except in the summer) at 7:00 pm after Evening Prayer for the Adult Reflection Group.    This book discussion group, led by trained facilitators, is a high point for many of us.   We get to learn and explore and share ideas — all mixed with fellowship and laughter and refreshments.   All are welcome!

Christian Education of Children
We don’t have many kids, so we value each one of them.   They take part in the service, they learn about ministry, we prepare and present educational materials for them…   We deal with them as individuals and a very important part of All Saints.

Other Christian Formation
Inquirer’s classes:   Periodically, the priest offers an inquirer’s class to formally prepare new members for confirmation — or to offer members a chance to update their knowledge of the Episcopal Church.   These are informal and are timed to meet everyone’s schedule.

Newcomer Orientation.   This is fun.    Whether you want to be confirmed or not, this is a chance to meet over a meal for three sessions, to learn briefly about the history of All Saints and its ministry, to learn a bit about the Episcopal Church and its worship, and to explore every inch of the All Saints Building.

We believe in God, who made the world, loves it and smiles upon it,

We believe in Jesus Christ, who has shown us the human face of God, and a love that refused to be limited, who calls us to a life that even death cannot end.

We believe in the Holy Spirit through whom God reaches us, surprising, prompting and questioning us; who is the life breath of creation; and the source of nurture, humor and hope.

We believe in ourselves as people made in the divine image, capable of great creativity and great destruction, but called to choose between them.

We believe that Christ leads us now, calling us to a life that is absurd by the standards of the world; calling us to resist evil, including anything that would degrade or destroy another and to create and protect love, justice, freedom and peace.