We haven’t scratched the surface yet; there’s plenty more to be done.

Come and join us!

We’re all called to ministry — to serve others and promote the common good — as well as to build up the church community so that all will have a chance to use their gifts to glorify God. Ministry in the community and ministry within the church are both important to us here.   We acknowledge that one cannot truly flourish without the other, so our members are heavily involved in both. Listed below are some of the ways All Saints carries out Jesus’ Great Commandment.

Babies In Need   

“Loving our neighbor” is a special joy when that neighbor is a newborn.  500 babies are born in Clark County every month and about thirty of them need our help!  Their mothers are low-income women, often single moms, sometimes homeless or victims of domestic violence.  They may have medical problems, job loss, or special-needs babies.  They are identified by social workers at our hospital Family Birth Clinics.  We provide them complete three-month layettes, car seats, and portable cribs.  To do this, we collect and buy new and gently used clothes, bedding and more, and meet monthly to assemble the gift packs.  We are joined by caring folks from many churches, civic and social groups.  Our assembly days are heartwarming and lots of fun.  Join your hearts and hands with ours.  Click here for more info and photos.

Winter Hospitality Overflow Volunteers

During the five coldest months of the year local shelters can’t accommodate all the people who need a warm bed.  We help provide WHO guests a warm place to sleep, a hot shower, a meal, and the welcome and warmth of a caring community.  Each WHO shelter is staffed with professional case managers.  There are several shifts each night.  Our duties may include: greeting guests, serving/preparing food, safety checks, collecting bedding, wake-up calls, and general hospitality.  Truly, it is more blessed to give than to receive!   Check the link at left.

Ministry to the Hungry

We drive by them every day.   They’re standing on the corners with signs.  Regardless of what got them there, they ARE hungry.  Each Sunday, we distribute McDonald’s gift cards which are good for a meal to members of the congregation who feel called to help.  Occasionally we ask that members share about the experience of offering a hungry person a meal, during the announcements.   We sometimes get to enjoy amazing and uplifting stories…

Clark County Food Bank

We collect food staples and money every month for our local food bank.  They distribute it through a number of local agencies In the summer we add fresh produce from our community garden.

Recovery Group Hosting

We’re glad to be able to host several recovery groups at All Saints.  Alcoholics Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership.  Groups are also available for family members and friends.  Click here to check out the various groups and their meeting times.

All Saints Soccer Fields
We share our “back 40” with little kids who play soccer.  The Parks and Recreation Department constructed mini-mod soccer fields for the 8-and-under crowd.  It warms your heart to see these little ones out running (usually toward their own goal), learning teamwork, and being supported by their families.

All Saints Playground
Our playground is a fun, safe place to play for young siblings of soccer players, neighborhood children and our own children.     During the daylight hours, the playground is rarely empty and the sound of their happy voices makes this a special place to be.