Upcoming Events for our Traveling Day Society:  

Saturday, November 11th  Soaring Spirits Gala Benefit Concert

The Traveling Day Society

For thousands of years the combination of the Drum and the Flute have been a healing and centering presence in almost all cultures.  The earliest archeological evidence of flute playing is the Divje Babe Flute which was carved and drilled from the leg bone of a Cave Bear over 40,000 years ago.  The Heartbeat of the Drum aligns us and the Prayers of the Flute are a primal guide for us along our Spiritual Journey. The Traveling Day Society is dedicated to supporting those at the crossing point in their Spirit Journey…from the physical world to the Spirit World.  We are an inter-tribal and multi-cultural blend of musicians utilizing the voices of the Drum, the Native American Flute and other traditional instruments to create a prayerful and respectful environment to help enhance a peaceful “crossing.” The Traveling Day Society works closely with hospital Spiritual Care professionals as well as the Hospice Community to provide our services when requested.