All Saints enjoys a busy and productive life outside Sunday worship.   We truly enjoy one another’s companionship and our life together is full of times to share food, fellowship and laughter — just as it is full of opportunity to serve the community in other ways.

Our fellowship is an important part of the life of our community and we provide lots of oppotunity for it:


On the first Sunday of each month.   Bring a dish to share and join us after worship.    If you didn’t bring a dish, don’t worry!  Come anyway; there’s always plenty.

Dinners for 7 + 

This is an ongoing program.   Simply put, every few months, we give everyone who wants to participate a chance to sign up.   Then (keeping couples intact,) we arbitrarily split those folks up into groups of 7 or more.   (We chose the term “Seven or More” to acknowledge and include the many singles in our congregation.)   Each group selects several times to meet for dinner during the next few months.    Often it’s at a parishioners’ house.   Sometimes it’s in the church if distances and schedules are an issue.  Sometimes elaborate; sometimes simple.   We’ve found it’s a great way for newer members to meet and make connections..   It’s also just great fun!!

Seasonal Celebrations:

We offer many activities that are part of the church’s celebration of the Christian Year.   Christmas activities, Epiphany Parties, Lenten gatherings, Easter Celebrations, along with special saints days and holidays  (e.g. St Francis Pet blessings, Bessing of gardens, etc.)    Also, there’s an annual Summer Barbecue that can’t be missed.

Work Days:

There’s much to be done on the building and grounds, and we make that fun, as well.   Periodically we gather to deal with yardwork, cleanup and maintenance.  Last year (with a lot of help!) we even built a whole new building.  Watch the newsletters for days and information.

Fellowship is what All Saints is known for; this community welcomes people just where and who they are.

Some come in the door full of curiosity; some are uncertain; others feel aloof and bowed by tragedy or illness. Some are fearful of how they will be received. All find peace, warmth and hope. Our community enfolds them in a deep and satifying love.

This community laughs, cheers or cries with you, because we care so much for each other. We get together in so many ways to share time and activities together.

Every first and third Sunday, we have a potluck meal together after church. No one sits alone here, though it might be a quiet sitting side by side in respect for those not ready to visit.

We share in preparing food for these meals and for other events, such as, receptions following weddings, christenings, recitals ( we have some very talented young musicians) and funerals.

We work together for our community’s needs. Some enjoy a special fellowship through various groups, such as, our Prayer Circle, Bible Study, Hospitality Committee or dinners together in small groups each month. Others enjoy the fun and satisfaction of working with our hands by keeping the landscape and Prayer Garden looking neat and spruced up. Others organize plays or bazaars or provide cookies and lemonade to the players on our soccer fields.

Fellowship is the companionship of  people you care for and respect; the support and prayers for those who need it. Fellowship is sharing each others good and bad times; sharing triumphs and losses; sharing in the joy of prayers answered; kindness given.

All Saints welcomes everyone, in whatever condition, and with God’s help, fellowship will make you whole.

Come join us!